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Christmas break is the most anticipated season of the entire year. Whether Christian or not, religious or not, this is a season that sweeps us all into mad frenzie. We break from our normal engagements to have fun, to create, to reconnect and to unwind.

Now, what you do to achieve this is as varied as Christmas traditions all around the world. However, here I have shared activities that you may find fun and festive.

1. Prepare

Making plans for Christmas is essential and guarantees success in whatever you set out to do in this season. It is likely that you will spend your Christmas holiday with family and/or friends. Participate in the planning. Where will you be celebrating, who will you celebrate with, and how will you make it.

Meal and drinks are usually the highlights. Whether you will go out or cook at home, leave some space for surprises but make sure the plan is pretty much in order. Being part of preparation builds anticipation and prepares you to enjoy.

2. Family Time

The Holiday Season is all about spending time with family and celebrating Jesus’ birth. So, make sure to spend time with family. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is likely that this is the only time you get to have the entire family together. Make it count. Eat together, go out together, create time for conversations, to bond. During Christmas, nothing beats quality family time.

3. See friends

That's right, you're home, she's home, and he's home! They are all home! Get everyone together and go to breakfast at the local diner or drag your friends along on some kind of quest. Watch a movie together, do barbeque and drinks or bake cookies and so much more. Connecting with friends you haven’t seen for a while is a good one.

4. Teach, Learn Inspire

This is definitely a season that brings both the old and the young together. It is a time to instill family values, to teach family traditions and to inspire each other in the direction needed. The younger ones would love to hear stories of your achievements and you love to hear of their achievements too, and mischief. One Christmas season changes everything. Be there, learn, teach, inspire.

5. Take a road trip

Go to a location you have been wanting to go to. Whether it's the park, a museum, the beach or even hiking a mountain. This is a great opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. If you are accompanied by family and friends, it’s a great time to bond and create memories.

6. Do Charity

A break from the normal routine usually gives time to really think about and appreciate what you really care about. Charity events are an opportunity for you to contribute to a greater cause in society. It might be an orphanage, or an environmental conservation program, the elderly and so much more. You can as well do charity on a personal level. Whatever it is that you choose, it is gratifying to make a difference in other people’s lives.

7. Attend a church service

There is no doubt that the Christmas season is a season for celebration, for thanksgiving. It is a moment to reflect on the entire year, the battles and the victories and for life. You don’t have to be a believer to be grateful and appreciate the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth in a Church.

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