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Why You Should Choose Tranztunga Travels for Your Next Event

Tranztunga Travels is an event management company that aims to promote environmental sustainability and conservation through its events. We organise a variety of events, from motor sport to tree planting, that showcase the stunning scenery and culture of our region. We also work with local partners to support their efforts in protecting the environment and the community. Whether you want to race, rock, or relax, we have the perfect event for you. Join us for an unforgettable experience in Kenya. Tranztunga Travels: your partner in Events.

Business Networking

At Tranztunga Travels our passion is to promote conservation and sustainability in our communities through our events that cater to different interests and tastes. We organize events such as the Jumbo Charge Challenge, a motor sport event that takes you through the scenic landscapes of Kenya, or the tree planting in local communities, where you can contribute to the education and environment of the region. We also organize cultural tours, where you can learn about the rich and diverse heritage. We work with local partners, such as Pazuri Africa, to support their initiatives in sustainability and conservation. We take care of everything, from venues to vendors, so you can enjoy the event hassle-free. Contact us today and let us make your event a success. Tranztunga Travels: your partner in adventure.

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